Video Slots

The area of slot machines is constantly changing, following step by step the technological advent we have enjoyed in recent years. We have gone from machines with the side lever and symbols on physical reels to video slots.

By video slots, we mean all those machines that rely on a computerized component instead of a mechanical one. Therefore, we will no longer have the traditional rollers that spin from behind a glass cover, but a real screen on which will be shown the symbols that go to make up the various combinations.

This kind of entertainment is the one used by all online casinos, as it would not be possible otherwise, while in the physical ones, there is an alternation between traditional games (for those who prefer a more vintage touch) and video slots. This is because, in addition to being born for use on the web, this type has introduced a number of features and benefits that have made them much more rewarding than the classic cabin.

Video slot bonuses

Free slots and cash slots share the same game mechanisms and offer all players many advantageous types of bonuses so as to always guarantee the best possible payout (i.e., the amount of money wagered that is returned, in percentage, during the course of the game), making the games even more exciting and stimulating.

Each online slot has its own bonuses, as well as its own Scatter and Wild symbols, for constantly renewing entertainment: “study” well the slot you’re going to play with in order to make the most of its many winning possibilities. Bonuses consist of additional points, additional free spins or various prize multiplication systems.

Video slot bonuses
Free video slots

Free video slots

Equal in every way to those with which to play for real money, free slots are ideal for experiencing the thrill of the game without running the slightest risk: you will have the opportunity to dive into the colourful world of slot machines, choosing from a myriad of different proposals, characterized by fantastic settings and cutting-edge graphics and, once you have accumulated the right experience, you will be free to try the adrenaline-filled cash version of the games.

Why play slots for free?

Some players may ask themselves: what is the advantage of playing slot machines for free when this activity is basically gambling, where betting and trying to win big money with winning combinations or a lucky jackpot is the main objective? The answer is simple: free slots provide several benefits, but most importantly, they give you the chance to have a lot of fun without losing money.

If we go back in time and look at how the first slot games worked, we can easily understand that there was no need to use demos before starting to insert real money and start the game. These, in fact, were slot machines with only three reels, few symbols and very simple, such as the word Bar, the number seven or fruit. Moreover, there were few pay lines that usually reached a maximum number of five.

Evolution is advancing inexorably, and slot games have also benefited greatly. Today, these colourful slot machines have many more game options, so much so that it can take some time for the player to learn how they work and the possibilities of winning fully. It becomes unnecessarily risky not to have that little bit of familiarity with the slot machine and its game mechanics. It makes more sense to understand how it works beforehand by using the free slot machine.

The best part about free slots is that you will never get angry playing them. You can sit back and enjoy the thrill of the spinning reels without worrying about the money. You can choose to play them regardless of how much money you may or may not have. All you need is the time to play.

How to play video slots?

How to play video slots?

Video slots have a more complex betting system than classic slots. It varies a lot depending on the game, although you will have to select the bet per line as a general rule. The difference is that there are powerful graphics related to the theme and sophisticated variables that alter the behaviour of the game. You will usually find free spins, power-ups, multipliers, wild symbols and scatters. 

The best advice is to know well the particularities of the slot machine before starting your game. Basic aspects such as betting system, reels, number of lines. As well as knowing well the way to get free spins are basic for you to advance in the game.

Play video slots without registration and without downloading

One thing that should not be underestimated is that you can play video slots without registration, anonymously and without giving out your personal information. No one will know about your hobby! Best of all, you don’t need to waste time filling out forms to play video slots online.

Also, you can try video slots without downloading anything to your computer or even to your device. You just need an internet network to play your favourite free video slots.

Play video slots without registration and without downloading

How to select the best video slots

The most important thing first: gambling should be fun, and so it is primarily crucial what kind of video slot you prefer. In addition to the features that you should pay attention to, there is another criterion. This is the volatility that a video slot machine has.

This is divided into three classes:

So it would be best if you chose a video slot that suits you best in this respect. The more different video slots you get to know, the more you will know for sure which of the completely different features you like or not. 

The best video slots providers out there

There are several providers on the market with game products that fully meet these three distinctive characteristics, and that’s why we feel like recommending the following companies to try their most popular online video slots:

Of course, the range of providers is really wide. Thanks to their ability to launch on the Canadian market innovative and certified creations, there would be many others worthy of mention.