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highend 3d

This site is a useful resource for downloading plug-ins and scripts for your 3d package.

Cg Networks

Computer graphics portal. CG networks includes CG Talk, the most extensive computer graphic forum on the web, and CG challenge, a great site with monthly challenge contests.

Cg Channel

This online magazine has some of the most extensive information on computer graphics on the internet including interviews with industry professionals.

The Gnomon Workshop

Free online Maya tutorials, and Training DVD's for sale. Presented by the Gnomon School for visual effects

Simply Maya

An extensive Maya community.

This online magazine has current news stories on the latest technological advancements in visual effects. The site also has frequent interviews with the creators of digital effects for the latest blockbuster movies including behind the scenes video clips and photos.

This forum caters to all VFX topics. They also have extensive job boards.