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Canadian CG Companies

British Columbia


-Vancouver, British Columbia

ICON is a full service cg & live action studio that develops and produces long form and short form content for global audiences.

Fun square productions

-Vancouver, British Columbia

We are specialized on Mow's, series and feature films. Finding creative and cost efficient visual effects solutions is our target. Our experienced team is working with high precision and aesthetic to deliver the final product on time.

Digital Domain

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Since its founding in 1993 by film industry icons, Digital Domain has been a force and a change agent in the world of creative content.

Moving Picture Company

-Vancouver, British Columbia

MPC creates high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for the feature film, advertising, music and television industries.


-Vancouver, British Columbia

Leviathan Studios is owned and operated by a devoted team of artists with well over two decades of VFX experience in Film, Television, Commercials, and game cinematic. They use the latest tools and software to create stunning Visual Effects. Clients can expect quality work, where their highest priority is craftsmanship, and to continually push the limits of what can be done with this exciting medium.

GFZ Studios

-Vancouver, British Columbia

GFZ Studios is a world-class VFX company. Based in Vancouver, we specialize in creating high-end visual effects and computer animation for feature films, commercials, TV series and video games. We also develop games & apps and have a stereo 3D conversion department.

Stargate Digital

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Stargate Digital is a full service visual effects company best known for its innovative work in feature films, television, and commercials. Founded in 1985, we have studios in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and London with over 150 artists, supervisors, and producers covering all areas of production and visual effects.

The Embassy

-Vancouver, British Columbia

The Embassy Visual Effects Inc. is an Oscar nominated production company based in Vancouver, Canada. The Embassy specializes in visual effects, animation, and live-action production for both feature film & advertising.


-Vancouver, British Columbia

Lux has worked on Dead like me and Eureka.

Method Studios

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Method Studios has worked on motion pictures and television shows including Stargate, Night at the museum, Blades of glory, and Vantage point.

Rainmaker Animation

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Rainmaker Animation has created numerous television series, animated movies, and game cinematics.

Image Engine

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Image Engine provides world-class visual effects for feature films. With over 15 years in the industry, the company has accrued feature film credits including the Academy Award\256-nominated District 9, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Law Abiding Citizen, 2012, Watchmen, Orphan & currently The Thing and Immortals.Image Engine is a privately owned and run company, based in Vancouver, BC.

Atmosphere Visual Effects

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Atmosphere is an artist run company that takes on ambitious and difficult projects. They have worked prominently on Battlestar Galactica.


-Vancouver, British Columbia

Artifex is a design and post studio located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Founded in 1997, their mandate is to deliver creative content of the highest quality - on time and on budget.

Digital Alchemy Entertainment

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Digital Alchemy Entertainment is a new Visual Effects and Animation Studio Located in Vancouver Canada. Through the use of Visual Effects, including 3D/2D Computer Animation, and Compositing, Digital Alchemy will bring to life their clients\222 creative vision. The unbelievable will be made believable through a strong attention to detail, realism, and Cinematic expression. The creative team has years of experience working for tv, film, and games.

Nerd Corps Entertainment

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Nerd Corps is one of the largest animation studios in North America. We create award-winning original properties-including Slugterra, League of Super Evil, Rated A for Awesome, and Storm Hawks-as well as animated works for some of the top kids brands on the market today, such as Mattel's Monster High, Max Steel, and Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5. But we're more than just an animation studio. We build stories, worlds, and experiences for kids that cut across platforms from television to online, games, toys, mobile and more. We handle all stages of our process in-house, including IP creation and development, animation production, finance, sales and distribution, licensing and consumer products, and interactive development. We're a rarity in the industry, and are looking to work with the best talent!


Creative Fields

-Calgary, Alberta

Creative Fields is a freelance post-production studio dedicated to producing high quality creative graphics through design in motion, animation, and 3d visualization for film, broadcast and corporate video projects.

3D Epix

-Calgary, Alberta

3D Epix was founded in 2009 in Calgary, AB. The company specializes in 3D animation and visualization services for different type of industries, such as Architecture, Oil and Gas, Advertising, Science and Education, Publishing, Web, Video Broadcast, etc.

Cadmark Technologies

-Calgary, Alberta

With more than 20+ years experience in the oil and gas industry, CADmark Technologies has become the leader for top of the line graphics, animations, real-time simulations and simulators. Please have a look at our website to see more.

New Machine Studios

-Calgary, Alberta

New Machine Studios creates animation and digital effects for television, film, and interactive content.

Solid Green

-Calgary, Alberta

Computer graphics and visual effects boutique providing creative broadcast and interactive solutions since 1995.

Satellite Animation Studios

-Calgary, Alberta

Satellite Animation Studios is based in Calgary Alberta. They specialize in computer animation, visual effects and design for the commercial broadcast and film industries. Satellites artists have worked, most notably, on LXG, Spy Kids 2, The One as well as other creative works and collaborations.

Firetoad software

-Calgary, Alberta

Firetoad is a company producing video games for console systems. Firetoad created Fuel for the Xbox.

Bioware Corp

-Edmonton, Alberta

Bioware Corp is located is a leading producer of video games for consoles and PCs. Bioware is responsible for creating Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2, and Neverwinter Nights. Bioware employs over 150 people!



-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

We are based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We specialize in 3D however are very capable of handling 2D and Flash animation. We are very active in Television commercial production. We have 15 employees and have been in business since 2008. For more information please visit our website.


Horseman FX

-Mississauga, Ontario

Horseman FX is a rapidly growing visual effects facility based in captivating Canada. As the name implies, we Horseman FX always run ahead of the technology changes. Horseman FX is a Visual Effects studio which transforms ordinary ideas into extraordinary images and scenes with excellent quality.


-Toronto, Ontario

Tendril is a director-driven design studio based in Toronto, Canada. It is a lab and workshop where directors, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds create powerful visual storytelling experiences, employing a wide range of styles and techniques.

Animasai Studios

-London, Ontario

Animasai Studios is London Ontario's first 2D and 3D animation company of its kind, producing all sorts of videos and projects related to computer graphic design, such as: photorealistic and non photorealistic animations, cartoons of all kinds, musical scores, audio recordings and FX for shorts and feature films, musical videos, video games, websites, commercial spots and presentations for the TV or the Internet, documentaries and special events, visualization services for Science and Education, corporate videos, etc. Animasai Studios also uses its own code, the Animasa-AI one.

Snowball Studios

-Toronto, Ontario

Snowball has produced hundreds of minutes of top quality, 3D animation and visual effects in HD for film, tv, computer games, commercials and mobile, which are aired all over the world. These range from high-end commercials for brand name clients such as Cartoon Film, NBC, Cisco, Sci-Fi Channel, Verizon, National Lottery and Orange, to drama hits such as two seasons of VIPO, the 26-part children's television series currently airing in over 140 countries and three more pre-school TV series, including one for the BBC. Positioned at the heart of the Israeli hi-tech industry, with offices in London and Toronto, Snowball has grown to be the region's leading 3D Animation and Visual Effects facility, combining the best international creative talent with cutting-edge technology.


-Toronto, Ontario is a freelance visual effects, animation and motion graphics studio. Specializing in developing and producing films, music videos, tv commercials, promos and idents. We like to work closely with both agencies & clients producing high quality of service. We provide post production, 3D modeling, texturing, animation, plate clean up, wire removal, matchmoving, rotoscoping and tracking, 2.5D compositing and full shot and sequence compositing.

Remote Ctrl

-Toronto, Ontario

Remote Ctrl is a small but full-service Animation/VFX company based in Toronto. We primarily work on commercials and web videos, but we can be the cost-effective solution on any project including features. We keep overhead low to make us the competitive and professional option that producers seek. We can provide file deliveries to your specifications, or full renders from our render farm. Our artists are highly qualified and experienced. We work primarily in maya and after effects, but our model allows us to be flexible and adaptable to suit your needs. Get in touch today for a quote. Reach for your Remote Ctrl!


-Toronto, Ontario

Depending on the type of visual effect, (such as animating a fly-by or walkthrough camera,) the project complexity will vary. We work closely with our clients to deliver the desired effect quickly, at reasonable cost! We use Adobe Aftereffect to add depth of field, motion blur and lighting/color correction before exporting the final movie or image into the required format.


-Toronto, Ontario

PLAYFIGHT is a specialty vfx studio that produces top tier visual effects and animation for feature films, television and advertising. We also collaborate with filmmakers to create breathtaking previs, motion-capture, and postvis sequences. We've designed a state of the art workflow that integrates seamlessly into our network of partners. Our office is located in an emerging artists area in downtown Toronto, and our team has strong partnerships and presence in New York and Los Angeles.


-Dundas, Ontario

For the last 10 years, 3deeit has been busy creating visually stunning 3D product animations for a variety of different industries. From small and simple projects to multi-thousand part assembly line animations, 3deeit had a chance to learn the ins and outs of computer animation, and how to take generic 3D CAD and engineering models to the next level.


-Toronto, Ontario

Crush is a design, animation and post production studio that was started in 19a98 by Gary Thomas. The goal was to build a design, motion graphic, and online studio different from any offered in the Toronto market. Crush offers designers, animators, as well as compositing artists and on set VFX supervisors. Crush\u2019s post services consist of 4 Discreet Flame and Inferno suites, working in a variety of formats. Crush has After Effects artists and CG artists on staff. Our intention was to build a place where creativity was paramount. Our focus has been to combine the best client service in the city with dedicated, knowledgeable people. We have young, vibrant staff of 32 people who work together to bring Crush\u2019s signature stamp to everything we do.

Amirualt 3D

-Toronto, Ontario

Amirault 3D uses seamless integration of 3D CAD and animation software to bring the strengths of both technologies together for Virtual Environment creation and product design.

Igloo VFX

-Toronto, Ontario

IGLOO is a boutique visual-effects and design studio located on trendy Ossington avenue in the heart of Toronto, Canada. The mandate of the team at Igloo is to produce extraordinary visuals for commericals, films, branded content, interactive media, experimental design, and above all, to make your vision come to life.

Lucine Animation

-Toronto, Ontario

Our expertise lie in high-end animation and VFX production for film, television and commercials. We provide services in all key aspects of CGI production including: animation, modelling, design, simulations and compositing. We also have tremendous experience in 3D theatres (IMAX 3D and 4D Ride films) as well as creating content for interactive online digital media.

Meld media

-Toronto, Ontario

Meld Media offers motion graphics design and direction with a focus on the interactive space. From concept to final production, Meld's experience in design, live-action, animation and interactive can get anything moving-including flying robots with death ray laser eyes.

Starz Animation

-Toronto, Ontario

As Canada's leading high-quality digital animation studio, Starz Animation Toronto provides major Hollywood studios and independent producers alike with world-class computer-animated content for feature films, DVDs, television series, commercials, visual effects and shorts.

Switch VFX

-Toronto, Ontario

Switch VFX is a boutique facility that strives for creative excellence and provides a personal environment that allows the filmmakers to communicate freely with the artist.

Alpha Channel

-Toronto, Ontario

Alphachannel is a digital effects studio supplying visual effects for film and television.


-Toronto, Ontario

SPIN is one of Canada's oldest and respected visual effects, design and animation companies servicing the feature film and television industry. Established in 1988, SPIN has offices in Toronto, and Atlanta.

Pix Ray

-Toronto, Ontario

Pix Ray has been providing visual effects for motion pictures, dock-dramas, television series, shorts films and television commercials since 2002. Our core staff is three people of diverse artistic backgrounds and disciplines. Pix Ray facilitates latest hardware and software insuring high efficiency and top quality of our output.

Mr. X

-Toronto, Ontario

Mr. X is a digital studio specializing in feature film animation and visual effects. By collaborating with filmmakers from pre-production through post, Mr. X helps to define the very look and feel of a film. With recent credits such as The Vow, Cosmopolis, The Three Musketeers, The Thing, Hanna, Twillght Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, TRON: Legacy, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Hot Tub Time Machine, Fast & Furious, Death Race, and Shoot 'Em Up, Mr. X continues to demonstrate its passion for visual story telling.


-Toronto, Ontario

Founded in 1999, iamstatic is a multi-disciplinary art and design studio producing commercial and non-commercial projects in motion graphics, animation, 3D, VFX, film, interactive and sound design. iamstatic started in commercial work in 2003 , creating title sequences and television / broadcast animation for large international brands. We have also busied ourselves throughout the years, creating a number of short films, working in print / poster design, art projects and music videos.

Intelligent Creatures

-Toronto, Ontario

Intelligent Creatures is a Visual Effects Post Production company specializing in feature films with a fully integrated 2D & 3D pipeline. Our head office is located in Toronto, beaches area.

Rocket Science VFX

-Toronto, Ontario

Owned and operated by a team of Toronto-based visual effects veterans, Rocket Science VFX is an artist-driven studio. Career-minded specialists in design, matte painting, compositing, and 3D animation, our artists are the studio\222s backbone. Rocket Science adopts a team approach to visual effects production. This operational manifest has thus far led us to two Gemini Awards for Best Visual FX in three years.


-Toronto, Ontario

Specialists in character animation, special effects, film titling, type and broadcast design, the company creates superior photo-realistic, computer-generated animation for the advertising, broadcast and music video industries.


-Toronto, Ontario

guru's studio engenders the cross-pollination of creative ideas from a broad mix of Toronto's most talented individuals. The company's ethos is based on the principals of quality, bold creative collaboration and reliablility. guru's artists prefer to step out onto the precipice, with belief and faith that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Soho VFX

-Toronto, Ontario

soho vfx combines creative and technical artistry to produce quality film and television visual effects.

Invisible Pictures

-Toronto, Ontario

Invisible Pictures is a full service studio dedicated to the art and evolution of digital visual effects for film and television.

Mercury Filmworks

-Ottawa, Ontario

Mercury Filmworks creates 3d animation and effects for film and broadcast.

Neezo Animation

-Mississauga, Ontario

NEEZO Animation: creators of 2D/3D animation, FX, broadcast design, titling, character/environment design, and storyboarding & illustration for advertising, broadcast, television, and film industries.


-Ottawa, Ontario

We are a high resolution 3d scanning company located in Ottawa, Ont. We do alot of 3d scanning for major VFX studios, including Weta, ESC, Core Digital, and Digital Domain to name a few. Some of the work we have provided has been seen in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Shelob and the Mumakil), The Matrix Reloaded, and Revolutions.


-Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Since 1997, Keyframe has shown time and again, that we continue to deliver high quality VFX and animation for film and television... on time and on budget. Located near Toronto Ontario, our team of professionals can cater to any of your production needs.

Northway-Photomap Inc.

-Toronto, Ontario

Northway-Photomap Inc. has been providing a 3D LiDAR scanning service since 2001. We produced high resolution 3d models for VFX companies. We are located in Toronto Ontario, but have scanned at different location through out the world. A few of the movies that we have worked on are The Incredible Hulk, Max Payne, Knight and Day and The Book of Eli.


Edge Dimension

Montreal, Quebec

Our mission is to use technology (Such as Virtual Reality and 3D Rendering) to create experiences with a deeper impact. At EDGE Dimension, no problem gets past us. We provide innovative solutions to bring your project to life. Through 3D computer-generated content, we offer a dramatic potential to captivate your audience.


Montreal, Quebec

We are a Montreal 3D design studio. We are the largest product visualization studio of the country. We aim to replace the services of photographers. We combine creativity and innovation to realize marketing projects using 3D rendering, 3D animation and virtual reality.


Terrebonne, Quebec

Studio of Animated Pixels creates 3D animations and a wide range of 2D and 3D visual solutions for web, technical visualisations, broadcast, print and mobile.

Digital Griffix

Montreal Quebec

Digital Griffix is a virtual studio (we work online) - we have rooms at the 410 Rue St-Nicolas, suite 236, in the Old Port of Montreal for our meetings.Call us to schedule a meeting in advance.

Mokko Studio

Montreal Quebec

Mokko opened its doors in 2003, committed to creating compelling visual effects and animation for film, television and commercials. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a state of the art digital studio home to a team of over 70 talented, passionate and experienced artists working on projects of the utmost quality. From conceptual sketches to on-set supervision to the CGI process to post-production, you'll have complete peace of mind that we're taking care of your projects. Our mission is to continue pushing the creative and technical limits of visual effects & animation for each and every project that we undertake.


Montreal Quebec

Fake has won a GENIE at this years ceremonie in Toronto for best Special effects in a motion picture.

Boogie Studio

Montreal Quebec

Boogie Studio's mission is to provide a comprehensive solutions for the post-production needs of filmmakers and advertising agencies. We offer quality work on compositing effects and 3D animation. We also offer other post-production services.

Modus FX


Modus FX repeatedly consolidates its position as an industry leader by creating high-end visual effects. The Montreal FX studio also boasts an international clientele that clearly values the technical expertise and artistic talent within the team led by cofounders, Marc Bourbonnais and Yanick Wilisky. The studio works all the way through the artistic process with each director, from the editorial script to the final delivery of the shots, including everything from initial concept through to onset supervision during the shoot.

Pascal Blais Animation Studio

-Montreal, Quebec

Based in Montreal, Pascal Blais Studio has been specializing in exceptional animation for advertising and film, for more than 25 years. Pascal Blais Studio is a one-stop animation production house offering a diverse roster of internationally acclaimed animation directors, working in a wide range of styles including 2D cel, 3D, CGI, Stop-Motion, Live-Action, and much more. Pascal Blais Studio has developed an expertise providing top quality to advertising agencies and other clients all over the world, while responding to specific local production needs within tight schedules and budgets.

Newbreed Visual Effects

-Montreal, Quebec

Founded in 2007, Newbreed has developed an expertise in character animation and computer generated effects while contributing to feature films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon and video game cinematics such as the award winning Halo franchise. The combined experience of its producers, supervisors and artists have earned them confidence from clients Industrial Light and Magic, The Weinstein Company, Dimension Films, Microsoft Games Studios, Bungie and Ubisoft Entertainment.


-Piedmont, Quebec

Hybride is a special effects facility which has worked on Avatar, Predators, Assasin's Creed, Both Spy Kids pictures, Highlander 3 and other films. Their work is outstanding.

Fly Studio

-Montreal, Quebec

Fly studio creates Compositing effects, and 3d Animation

Artifex Animation Studios

-Montreal, Quebec

Artifex Animation Studios offers a broad list of services in the 3D realm. We can produce 3D as a whole or integrate it into you're shots, and assist you in the process of giving life to your project(s).

Rodeo FX

-Montreal, Quebec

Founded by lead artists from the world\222s top VFX houses, Rodeo FX is a Montreal based VFX boutique specializing in high end, photorealistic compositing, digital environments and matte painting for film and television. With credits on the largest VFX films in recent years, the Rodeo FX team has experience in all stages of production, including concept design and production supervision through to final shot delivery.


-Montreal, Quebec

The expertise of SKUADSTUDIOS relates mainly to the various fields of television which are show intros, publicity, promos, motion graphics and special effects. 3D design also constitutes one of our fields of expertise, either in building study or interior design. We are using mainly XSI and 3D Studio Max.

Digital Dimension

-Montreal, Quebec

It is Digital Dimension's priority to be a resource for all filmmakers and advertising agencies who are seeking a company that can provide cutting edge effects while offering creative and technical benefits to their production and commercials.

Alpha Vision

-Montreal, Quebec

Founded in 1993, Alpha Vision is the international leader in Computer-Generated Renderings, 3D Animations and Sales Solutions for homebuilders and developers. We make it possible for the clients of promoters to visualize real estate projects in their finished form, even before construction, thus facilitating both planning and sales.


-Montreal, Quebec

Microids was founded in 1985 and later fused with the group MC2 in 2003. The new group, MC2-Micro\357ds, will create, develop, edit and distribute video games for multiple platforms. For the past few years, Micro\357ds has relied on a dynamic development strategy, and a talented group of artists that brought you "Amerzone" and "Syberia", focusing on the adventure game market. This focus has allowed us to become one of the leaders in this domain.

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