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Canadian CG Artists

British Columbia

Ljubomir Milic

-Vancouver, British Columbia

LJ is a modeler working out of Vancouver, BC.

Adrian Chan

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Adrian Chan is a Canadian Modeler, currently working in the UK. He has worked on The Cronicles of Narnia, and 10,000 BC.

Romain Bayle

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Romain Bayle is a free-lance matte painter. He’s been working for the movie industry for 9 years. His credits includes Changeling, tropic Thunder, Sin City, 300, and much more...

Remo Wieland

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Remo Wieland is a graduate of Vancouver Film School. His current specialty is 3D modelling of characters and environments. He works mostly in XSI, 3D Max, Zbrush, mudbox, and photoshop.

Corey Bastiaans

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Corey is a CG artist living in Vancouver. Corey works with Maya, Photoshop, and After Effects to create Models, Textures, Particle simulations, and Animations. (As well as being the creator of this web site. I had to plug myself here too you know).

Abhinav Chokhavatia

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Abhinav is from India, presently located in Vancouver, Canada. He has been staying in Vancouver for the last 2 years. He has a 3d Animation Diploma from VFS (Vancouver Film School). His Main areas are 3d Texturing and Animation. Abhinav uses Softimage | XSI to create his art.

David Hennigar

-Vancouver, British Columbia

My name is David Hennigar and I am a 3D Artist living in BC. I am a fine arts grad from Mount Allison University, and a Computer Animation grad from Sheridan. I am fluent in Maya, and have some knowledge of 3DS Max.

Javier Solsona

-Vancouver, British Columbia

I'm an animator at EA although I spend quite a bit of time doing TD work. I work both in XSI and Maya (though I consider myself a Maya boy) My personal website is:

Jonathan Moyes

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Jonathan Moyes is a 3d artist currently working in the games industry. Jonathan has worked most prominently on animation for the Hulk Game (2003) for Radical Entertainment.

Ethan Reitz

-Victoria, British Columbia

Ethan is a 3d artist/animator living in Victoria. Ethan is currently looking for work as a character designer, modeler, and animator. Ethan uses Maya and 3dStudio Max to create his work.

Bartek Nowakowski

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Bartek is attending Emily Carr institute of art and design. He has been using 3d Studio Max for about 5 years and has been working as lead artist for several independant game companies. He is currently working with Artificial Studios on a game called Helix Core (

Benson Shum

-Vancouver, British Columbia

Benson is a character animator currently working in London England.

Ryan Broda

-Vancouver, British Columbia

I am currently living in North Vancouver, I recently graduated from the Vancouver Film school specializing in high poly modeling and texturing. For modeling i prefer to use XSI.


Cassie Topping

-Calgary, Alberta

Cassie is a 3D generalist. She has worked for a company previously for 3 years as a 3D generalist, creating beautiful images for casual games. She have recently started her own company doing freelance work, specializing in 3D modeling and rendering. Software used is Blender 3D, but can use Cinema 4D and Maya.

Hassan Chouma

-Calgary, Alberta

Hassan Choumar is a Calgary based freelance 3D Artist. He graduated from several colleges in Montreal and Vancouver, specializing in 3D Character Animation, VFX and Illustration. He has a wide knowledge in industry standard applications such as Softimage, Maya, Vue xStream, Photoshop and various Adobe products.

Dave Arscott

-Calgary, Alberta

Dave is a 3d Artist currently living and working in Calgary Alberta. His main passion is character modeling and texturing although he also has experience with rigging, animation and compositing. He continually educates himself in the form and function of human anatomy and strives to embed this knowledge into his models. He mainly uses Zbrush and Photoshop.

Melissa Taylor

-Calgary, Alberta

Melissa is a 3D artist in Calgary Alberta, Canada. She uses Lightwave 3D, and is able to work with RealFlow Fluid Simulation. She has been working towards a career in Game Art and Modeling, with general modeling experience creating animals and beasts.

Len Krenzler

-Edmonton, Alberta

I have worked as a freelance illustrator, artist and animator since 1992. I use Softimage, Lightwave, Photoshop, InDesign and also have several years of experience as an Avid editor and professional camera operator.

Dan Robertson

-Calgary, Alberta

Dan Robertson is a certified Alias trainer using Maya to create his artwork.

Jim Jagger

-Edmonton, Alberta

My name is Jim Jagger and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm a Technical Animator, working in video games. I've worked on many games including the Tony Hawk and Neverwinter Night series. As well as animating I'm also a keen Maxscripter.


Burke Revet

-Regina, Saskatchewan

3D artist , rigger, animator, instructor. Using Maya for about 5 years, and am currently 3D instructor at New Media Campus, Regina, SK, Canada. Specializing in modeling, character rigging, and animation. I am also currently working as a freelance vfx artist for film, tv, commercial and web.

Dwayne Melcher

-Regina, Saskatchewan

I am a 3D animator and multimedia designer. I worked for a company previously for 3 years as a 3D animator and website designer. I have recently started my own company doing freelance work, specializing in 3D animation. Software used is Maya and various compositing packages.

Mike Windur

-Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mike Windur is a 3d Artist originally from Calgary, where he worked at Firetoads Software as Lead Texture Artist. Mike is experienced in Softimage 3d, XSI, and 3D Studio Max.


Chris Pember

-Winnipeg, Manitoba

Chris Pember is a renouned digital artist creating artwork mainly in Rhino, 3dsMax, and Brazil. He did a really awesome render of a car. Check out his stuff.


Justin Howlett

-Toronto, Ontario

I am a 3D artist who works with 3dsmax, Maya, Zbrush and a bit of rhino. My work is mostly hard surface or man made structures but I do also create figurines of people in Zbrush.

Louis Parai

-St Marys, Ontario

I focus on making detailed, high quality hard surface, character and architectural models using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop along with some other software and plugins. Although my focus is on modeling I've made full animations from concept to render by myself and I'm always trying to expand my skill set.

Gemal Plummer

-Toronto, Ontario

I am a character animator based in Toronto My animation background ranges form 2-D to 3-D animation, I also have a background in 2-D character design and concept art for some smaller projects. The software I use manly is Auto desk Maya, Adobe flash, photo shop after effects premier, Toonboom harmony and toonboom animate pro.

Gal Anafi

-Toronto, Ontario

Gal Anafi is a 3D Artist in Toronto, Ont. I enjoy both character and set modelling and can work in any style. I am fluent in Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Nuke, Adobe Flash, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver.

Michael Eves

-Toronto, Ontario

I use 3ds max, vray and Adobe After effects. I have worked on harry potter and the deathly hallows and warehouse 13 and a few others tv shows. I am currently working on Property Brothers as a 3d generalist.

Philip Edward Alexy

-Mississauga, Ontario

I am a classically-trained animator who, after Sheridan, got directly into CG with a job down at ILM. I have experience in lots of different packages but use Maya mainly now.

Andrea Malus

-Oakville, Ontario

Andrea Malus is a 3D Generalist with a Fine Arts background, passionate about modeling, lighting and texturing, character and environment development. Software knowledge focused mainly on Maya and Mudbox, also experienced with AfterEffects and other Adobe applications. Andrea lives and works in the Toronto area.

Alex Smantser

-Richmond Hill, Ontario

Alex Smantser is from Richmond Hill (Great Toronto Area). He has a bachelor degree of architectural studies and 5+ experience in 3d modeling and Rendering. He's using Cinema 4d 11.5 +v-ray and CS4 for his projects. now he's looking a free lance or permanent job.

Roja Huchez

-Toronto, Ontario

Roja Huchez worked at Weta Digital on projects such as James Cameron's Avatar creating photo real creature models and facial shapes for hero characters and creatures. Currently living and working in Toronto Canada.

Michael Brennan

-Burlington, Ontario

Michael is a recent graduate from Sheridan Colleges computer animation program. He uses use maya, houdini, lightwave, after effects.

Dan Wrightsell

-Toronto, Ontario

Dan is a talented Animator and Modeller living in Toronto. Dan was responsible for the dynamics simulations of thousands of cracking crystals for "The Core".

Michael Dalton,

-Toronto, Ontario

Michael is a freelance matte artist/compositor that uses Photoshop, Flame/Inferno, Maya, Shake, and Avid. He is currently directing Documentaries.

Remi turcotte

-Oakville, Ontario

Remi is a french-canadian senior 3d artist, and a freelance 2D/3D artist using 3d studio max, flash, and spends all his time creating digital art.

Preeti Jain

-Oakville, Ontario

Preeti is a modeller, texture artist, and animator. Preeti studied at Sheridan College and uses Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop and After Effects to create his projects.

Yuhay-Ray Ng,

-Toronto, Ontario

Yuhay-Ray Ng is a 3D artist living in Toronto with master degree in fine arts - computer animation major, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

Graham D Clark

-Collingwood, Ontario

Extensive education in film, photo, 3D and fine art. Currently working on thesis in XSI. While working in Education he founded 5 Undergrad and Graduate programs: 2D Animation, Interactive Design, 3D Animation, one of the first Game Development programs and worlds first Undergraduate and Graduate Motion Graphics programs. Knowledge of XSI, Houdini, Maya, DS, Flint, Pshop etc.

Chris Smart,

-Newmarket, Ontario

Chris Smart Is a 3d artist living in Ontario. He attended the Computer Animation & Post Production course at the International Academy of Design in Toronto. Chris works with Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, GoLive, Unreal Editor, Illustrator, Maya Composer and a few other applications.


Vik Sorensangbam

-Montreal, Quebec

Vik Sorensangbam is a Character Artist living in beautiful Montreal. He is one of its kind, first Manipuri 3d Character artist to land a successful job in the west. Professional experience in Character Modeling for Cinematic and Game production. His favorite tools are Softimage and Zbrush. He graduated from Vancouver Film School.

Martin Patoine

-Montreal, Quebec

Working in cg since 17 years with Lightwave 3D and adobe products. Have some experience with Maya and Softimage. Have work for TV Commercials, Design and Architecture viz, Holograms and Lenticulars.

Dan Hamaoui

-Montreal, Quebec

I am looking forward to working with a team of designers, and learning more and more all the time. I am inspired to work on an animated feature , and learn to manipulate my skills for the video game world. I use 3ds max, adn Photoshop.

Mario Boulay

-Montreal, Quebec

Mario is a 3d artist living in Montreal.

Jocelyn "Strob" Simard

-Montreal, Quebec

I’m a 3d artist from Quebec city now working in Montreal as a special effect artist for game cinematics. Since 10 years, I also worked on cg, practical special effects, make up and compositing for a tv show called Phylactere Cola. I use 3ds max, Maya and XSI.

Yanick Dussault

-Victoriaville, Quebec

Yanick Dussault is a Canadian citizen born in Victoriaville Quebec. He is a matte painter and has worked as the lead matte painter on The lord of the rings trilogy. He is now working on Star Wars episode 3.

Lucas Janin

-Montreal, Quebec

Senior visual fx artist living in Montreal. This guy's site is superb. A definite must see.

Bernard "Samael" Beneteau

-Montreal, Quebec

Bernard is a character artist now working as a lead artist on a Game Cube project. He is mainly using 3ds Max, but also likes Maya.

Pascal Blanché

-Montreal, Quebec

Pascal is a senior animator in Montreal working on a motion picture project completely done in CG. In his spare time, Pascal creates cg posters of amazing imagery.

Dominic Soucy

-Montreal, Quebec

Dominic Soucy is a 3d Artist / Mechanical engineer using 3ds Max to create animation or still rendering at prototype stage of product development.

Patrick Parenteau

-Montreal, Quebec

Patrick Parenteau is a 3D artist currently located in Montreal, Canada. He has been working in the 3D industry for 9 years . His speciality is digital special effects using Softimage XSI and Maya. He has worked on feature films, tv shows, virtual rides and tv commercials.

Neil Blevins

-Pointe Claire, Quebec
(Venice, California)

Neil is a modeler and texture artist working for Blur studios in Venice, California.

Luc Julien

-Chicoutimi, Québec

Digital compositor and vfx supervisor , Luc worked on various project in canada and europe, using Combustion, shake and flame.

Nova Scotia

Joel LeLièvre

-Halifax, Nova Scotia

Joel LeLièvre has some really nice renderings on his page. He uses 3ds Max for rendering and various compositing packages. Really nice work.

New Brunswick

Tony Gilchrist

-Moncton, New Brunswick

Tony works chiefly in Lightwave 3D, Mirage, PSP, Newtek's VT3, and of course (though to a lesser degree) the various Adobe apps. Tony and a partner run a small company in Monction, doing 3D graphics, for broadcast, film, and NewMedia -- they just finished animations for the opening and bumpers for the Canadian Antiques Roadshow.

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